Defending the family

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"Sarcastically speaking the poor oppressed homosexual elite scrapped up $7 million in the past few weeks to fund the gay gay gay gay openly homosexual President they have always wanted, Pete Buttigieg, who mentions his being homosexual every other sentence like Joe Biden explains his direct hands on touchy feely grasping approach daily, " says Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate, "and it proves there is a rather wealthy and financially successful group of extremists who actually do not need more federal laws giving them more powers to further enslaving America's religious believers."

from the New York Times:

After vaulting into the top tier of presidential candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination - going from "adorable" to "plausible," in his own words - Mr. Buttigieg is building on the fly a nationwide network of donors that is anchored by many wealthy and well-connected figures in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political circles.

From more intimate cocktail parties on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where the composer Stephen Sondheim appeared in March, to larger events, like a planned June gala at the Beverly Hills home of the television producer Ryan Murphy, the L.G.B.T. donor base is helping push Mr. Buttigieg from the margins of the presidential contest into the same moneyed circles that raised millions of dollars for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton..............

....The L.G.B.T. support provided Mr. Buttigieg a crucial early financial foothold before his candidacy began to surge after a CNN town-hall-style event in March, and now is poised to power a campaign staffing up nationally and in the early-primary states.......

his (added: homo-) sexuality became a much larger part of his political identity after he spoke this month to the Victory Fund, a group that supports L.G.B.T. candidates.

...........The political priorities of the affluent white gay men who have mostly filled Mr. Buttigieg's coffers often differ from those of other gay men, lesbians and transgender people. And the enthusiasm for his campaign is not universal.

Mr. Buttigieg raised $7 million in the first quarter, fourth most in the field.

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