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Homosexual's President Pete Buttigieg Interrupted by Six Christian 'Prophets' at Dallas Democrat Fundraiser

Homosexual President Pete Buttigieg Interrupted by Six Christian 'Prophets' at Dallas Democrat Fundraiser

"The candidate Pete Buttigieg has been pushing homosexuality in every sentence daily and has shoved it around so much that now the undisputed master of civil protest in the modern age, Randall Terry, returns to peaceful active duty for the Laura Loomers of the world to see how civil protest in the traditional sense can be improved, "says Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate.

Christian News Wire reports:

Pete Buttigieg was "preached to" by six different men and women boldly preached to Pete Buttigieg during his Dallas campaign stop.

Rev. Stephen Broden, an African American pastor, yelled out during Pete's press conference, "Pete Buttigieg! You're a fake Christian!" Pete was then whisked away from the press conference.

During Pete's speech, two African American men, one African American woman, along with a white man and woman, stunned the crowd and Pete as they raised up their voices. One at a time they confronted Pete for his flaunted sexual perversion, and his support of the murder of babies by abortion until the day of birth.

Sadly, most of the media present did not report what the protesters said. Certain elements of the press are committed to "fluffing" Pete, and not reporting on the level of opposition he faces, and WHY he will continue to face preachers and prophets during his campaign stops.

For the sake of journalists who want to know what was said, here are samples of what the five brave souls said included:


"Remember Sodom and Gomorrah!"

"What about the nine months old babies you support being killed?"

"Marriage is between one man and one woman!"

One man turned to the crowd, and repeatedly yelled, "Remember the babies! What about the babies!?"

After Pete declared our nation would be judged by God, one African American preacher yelled in response: "Mayor Pete, you're the one who will be judged! Men sleeping with men...and killing babies! God will judge you for this perversion."

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