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Shazam!: Public Advocate says Leftist Southern Poverty Law Center is Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization

Eugene Delgaudio addressed a gathering of supporters to brief them on a legal action Public Advocate had recently taken to accuse the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center of certain corrupt actions against their targeted political opposition, in possible abuse of IRS regulations and normal civil discourse.

Delgaudio Statement:

"The SPLC has long defined a "hate group" many who believe in conservative, Christian ideals and morality.

That's why they added myself and Public Advocate to the map in 2012.

And that's why, now, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton is calling on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to fully investigate the SPLC and their claim to be a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization.
The SPLC claims to only use their money to fight for non-partisan issues. Yet all they actually do is defend Liberal ideology by attacking certain politically conservative groups.
They are not a charity............

This is the same SPLC that inspired the deranged homosexual gunman Floyd Lee Corkins to come after myself and my staff.

A copy of the SPLC "hate list" was found in Corkins' possession after he was apprehended.
The SPLC's flagrant and reckless "hate crime map" put our lives in danger.........

We never got so much as an apology for putting our lives in danger -- and we are still on their "hate map."

In addition to joining the call for the IRS to start an investigation, Public Advocate has joined a RICO complaint against the SPLC.

RICO -- or Racketeering -- charges allege that the SPLC is a criminal conspiracy organization.
Former government employee Glen Allen first filed the complaint, stating that the SPLC conspired to cost him his job over his conservative views.

The SPLC has filed a motion to dismiss this complaint, but Public Advocate responded by filing an Amicus Brief to support Mr. Allen's case.

The SPLC is guilty of spreading false charges against this man and many, many others." said Delgaudio