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News Media Freak Out over Pro-life legislation passing Alabama, Georgia and Missouri

Network anchors and reporters are currently freaking out over Georgia, Alabama and Missouri passing laws designed to protect the rights of the unborn, having already devoted almost an hour (59 minutes, 38 seconds) of coverage (May 7-16) to the these new laws.

But when New York passed a radical law legalizing late term abortions back in January the networks didn't care at all - spending zero seconds on the bill signed into law by liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Back in January the networks also shirked off Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam's support of a failed state bill that would have allowed abortions to be carried out on a child that had been fully "delivered." This is in sharp contrast to how the nets have covered legislation that are - in part - a response to the liberal actions in New York and Virginia.

From the morning of May 7 (when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the Life Act into law) through the morning of May 16 (After Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed that state's new law and Missouri's senate passed its abortion bill) the networks filled their evening and morning shows with hand-wringing over what this meant for Roe v. Wade."

On May 15 NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt decried how "46 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled abortion a constitutional right, the state of Alabama has just openly defied that landmark decision." On the May 16 edition of NBC's Today show correspondent Pete Williams called the Alabama bill a "blunt force attack on Roe v. Wade."

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Hat tip to Free Republic