Defending the family

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Happy Independence Day! Restore Women's Rights Now.

News Release

Our Phone number is 703-845-1808. Our email is [email protected]

In an Independence Day message to supporters, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, said in his electronic mail the following in part: (Permission granted in advance to quote in whole or part):

"This Fourth of July, Independence Day, I want to talk to you about the Freedom of Women.

I'm not talking about the kind of perverse and murderous "freedom" the Left goes on and on about.

I'm talking about the freedom for women to be women!

Right now in America, womanhood is literally being erased.

The "transgender" agenda is allowing men to push women out of athletics, out of their bathrooms and even out of the maternity ward.

It's causing young kids to be taught that biology is meaningless.

And so is a woman's ability to create life and bear children.

Now they are told that "men born with a uterus" are having babies.

And that many "women" -- who are actually men playing pretend -- are born without wombs or ovaries.

In fact, it's actually discriminatory to assume that women menstruate or ovulate.

Young girls are being taught that womanhood no longer exists. .....................

............You and I are battling for the very future of America.

Will this be a nation without womanhood?

Not as long as there are pro-Family patriots to fight for what's right.

On this Fourth of July, let us remember the spirit of those brave men and women who fought for a free and Godly America.

Let this be our Lexington and Concord! " Delgaudio said.