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RUSH: Don't Be Surprised If Trump Does for Baltimore What He Did for the NFL

"Rats run rampant in Baltimore and Democrats defend them," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


" RUSH: This is really fascinating to watch, if you can watch this with a learned eye, guided by intelligence and experience. I'm talking about Trump and Baltimore and this whole thing. I'm listening to all of these people in the media and all of the Democrats talk about how it is outrageous to say these things that Trump is saying. It's outrageous to talk about Baltimore the way he's talking about Baltimore................

............I'm gonna go out on a limb here and I'm gonna make a prediction or two. I'm gonna offer up some analysis and insight on this that I guarantee you you have not heard anywhere else. Now, after I utter it, it will no doubt be purloined, it will be picked up, it will be disseminated without my name having been mentioned except by those who wish and seek to criticize it as typical right-wing extremism. But I want to tell you, don't be surprised - hee-hee-hee-hee - don't be surprised if Donald Trump does for Baltimore what he did for the National Football League. Don't be surprised if there are, rather soon, a bunch of massive efforts to clean that place up.............

So the questions are being asked, "Well, who got it? Where did the money go?" One ZIP code in Baltimore got $8 million. Where is the cleanup to show for it? Where are the improvements to show for it? You can't find them. Now, nobody was talking about any of that until the past couple days when Donald Trump starts charging into Elijah Cummings for presiding over a mess like this in his own district. So you tell me: Where'd the money go?

If it wasn't used to clean up these areas, and if it wasn't used to spruce up and modernize and so forth, where'd the money go? Well, everybody knows where the money goes. Everybody.

They may not know the exact pockets, but they know that it goes into the back pockets of people powerful enough to determine where the money goes when it is received. But it did not go to the citizens, and it did not go to any projects (not meaningfully) that helped improve these blighted circumstances in Baltimore. "


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