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Public Advocate Files 2 Amicus Briefs at Supreme Court Defending Christian Companies

Delgaudio Announces Two Briefs Filed in Supreme Court cases Friday, August 23, 2019.

"Our Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. legal team filed two lengthy Amicus briefs defending two companies under attack by the homosexual lobby and those who would want to erradicate traditional moral Christian beliefs in the corporate world as practiced by those who believe in God's beliefs and eternal truths," said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"The war against Christians is a serious assault being led by liberals with all the Democrat party presidential candidates, some Republicans and, the homosexual lobby partisans who currently control major parts of the news media and the federal government. My legal team prepared two lengthy Amicus briefs to combat the terrible harrassment and destruction of two Christian companies now taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. With their passage of the so-called Equality Act, anti-Christian pagans in Congress want any moral leadership in public, private or in business wiped out now. Hopefully the Supreme Court can grant us our rights back. And we can stop their assault in the U.S. Senate and count on President Donald Trump to send more relief with more nominations and confirmed appointments to the courts," says Eugene Delgaudio.

Thank you to our legal team, and thank you to the thousands of Public Advocate supporters who signed petitions, and thank you to all who helped pay for these two separate legal briefs.

Here at this two links are the two briefs and to each on our Public Advocate website

Harris Funeral Home

Altitude Express v. Zarda