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Minneapolis Has Fallen To Criminal Elements Thanks to Liberals

Eugene Delgaudio presisdent of Public Advocate, said "Minneapolis once a peaceful city is now full of riots, assaults and gang fights in broad daylight. It has now joined Detroit and all the liberal controlled cities that forgot civililzation and its love of keeping criminals in line."


Minneapolis once had the reputation of being a nice city. That seems, now, like a long time ago in a galaxy far away. These days, the reality is different. This sickening video of a gang of youths viciously brutalizing a man just outside Target Field, where the Twins play baseball, has gone national. It is visual proof of how feral downtown Minneapolis has become:

Or, to take another example, on the last night of the Minnesota State Fair, generally thought of as one of the more wholesome events a family can attend, there was a gang rumble just outside the fair gates at closing time:

As the Minnesota State Fair wound to a close late Monday, chaos unfolded just outside its main gate.

Fights broke out. A 19-year-old woman was gravely injured when she was hit by a vehicle. Then the sound of gunfire sent hundreds of panicked fairgoers fleeing down Midway Parkway into the Como neighborhood. One resident peeked out her window to find three people taking cover behind her lawn furniture.

Police sources have attributed the worst of the violence, including the barrage of bullets that sent three men to the hospital, to rival gangs.............."

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Photo Credit to Unsplash