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Homosexuals Demand Canada Born Child By Canada Surrogate Be Treated as "Citizen"

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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, translates liberal speak: "homosexual activists have filed a law suit to force the United States to recognize a child born in another country as their "surrogate" to be granted instant citizen status instead of being treated as native to the country they are born in, which is what the law states."

Leftist MSN reports:

"A married gay couple are taking legal action against a Trump administration policy that has hindered their baby daughter's fight for US citizenship.

Roee and Adiel Kiviti, who are both US citizens, ran into trouble with the State Department after welcoming baby Kessem via a surrogate in Canada earlier this year.

The couple are both listed on Kessem's Canadian birth certificate, but the State Department treats the children of same-sex couples as "born out of wedlock," only recognising her link to biological father Adiel.

The out-of-wedlock status has hindered the application for the birthright citizenship that she would be entitled to if her parents were recognised as a married couple."

Liberal MSN picked it up from pro-homosexual Pink News

See the original post at MSN.


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