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President Trump and Public Advocate Hailed and "Recognized" by Gay Lobby?

"We have a long way to go despite the recent recogntion in the form of a lists of issues or policies from the so-called Gay lobby," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"The GLADD homosexual lobby has posted a long list of administrative actions taken by the Trump Administration that balance some of the assaults on Christian and pro-family moral values in progress by Obama holdovers, the same gay lobby and other gay lobbies. They forgot this one: Trump thanks God and salutes traditional moral values while embracing ALL Americans regardless of their sexual preference," says Delgaudio .


President of the United States


  • 10.01.19 - CNN reports that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sent a letter to members of the Ames City Council asking the city remove pro-LGBTQ themed crosswalks in the community, citing so-called "federal traffic control standards."
  • 09.27.19 - The Trump Administration pens a "statement of interest" in support of granting the Archdiocese the ability to discriminate or even fire a person from their job because they are LGBTQ.
  • 09.20.19 - The Department of Education removes "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" as terms to track bullying data for the agency, inserting "sex stereotyping" as a protected class instead. This eliminates any anti-LGBTQ bullying tracking data from the agency.


04.12.19 - President Trump and his administration implement its ban barring transgender Americans from openly serving in the country's armed services.

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