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Memphis, Tenn: Civil Rights Heroes Fight Liberals Who Don't Want Black Christians On Ballot

In a statement made today to Public Advocate leadership, M. LaTroy Alexandria-Williams, said, on the lawsuit he has filed to fight Democratic Party corruption in Memphis, Tennesee in federal court:

"I have done more than anyone in the Democratic Party per capita-- spent money and donated to candidates and promoted candidates and elected more Democrats than most party officials in years.

We are going to clean up the corruption because the Democratic Party depicts a very negative picture of the President while they are doing ten times what the President is doing.

I am inspired and we will work towards building this community in harmony.

I call for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute election crimes against black people in Memphis today, " said Alexandria-Williams.


The Shelby County Democratic Party and its supporters filed a lawsuit in September accusing two men and their companies of distributing deceptive election advertising in the form of bogus Democratic ballots.

Now one of the men named in that lawsuit has filed a counter-claim seeking damages of $666 million, plus fifty cents.

Though a court is unlikely to award so much money, the recent filing by M. LaTroy Alexandria-Williams has already led to the transfer of the case from Shelby County Chancery Court to federal court.

See the original report at Commerical Appeal.

Caption for photo: Mark Clayton congratulates congratulates M. LaTroy Alexandria-Williams at the Courthouse in a recent legal proceeding.