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Homosexual Attackers Bring Down Chick-fil-A, Public Advocate Demands Religious Liberty

EUGENE DELGAUDIO, PRESIDENT OF PUBLIC ADVOCATE responded to the years long assaults on Chick-fil-A and the company's decision to punish Christian charities to appease the so-called gay lobby: (UPDATED: Statement released at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, November 20, 2019)

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Delgaudio said:

I am deeply saddened to hear that Chick-fil-A has been forced to cancel millions in charitable donations to Christian organizations due to the despicable attacks of the Homosexual Lobby. But I am even angrier at what the Radical Left has been able to get away with.

The Homosexual Lobby has resorted to terrorist tactics in their jihad against a Christian business. Local governments and publicly funded universities have committed unconstitutional discrimination against Chick-fil-A solely on the grounds that they are a Christian company. Chick-fil-A employees have been put in fear for their lives. Chick-fil-A has been forced to spend untold millions in legal fees just to operate their business according to their own convictions.

Public Advocate and our supporters have worked tirelessly to protect Chick-fil-A and other Christian businesses from the terrorism of the Homosexual Lobby. We have championed a National Save Chick-fil-A Bill to President Trump and Congress, modeled on the very one passed in Texas. But this is clearly not enough. More drastic action is required.

That's why we are hereby demanding that Attorney General Barr open an immediate investigation into the mass assault on Chick-fil-A in an attempt to terrorize them and to deprive them of their First Amendment protected Religious Liberty.

Furthermore, we are calling on State Secretary Mike Pompeo to condemn the United Kingdom for persecuting Chick-fil-A in their attempt to expand their business to the British Isles. Chick-fil-A was targeted over their religious convictions. And the United Kingdom cannot be allowed to discriminate against American businesses in the name of the Homosexual Agenda.

We give our sincerest appreciation to Chick-fil-A for standing up to the Homosexual Lobby all these years. And especially for continuing to hold fast to their Christian principles in business. Public Advocate will continue to defend Chick-fil-A and Christian business from the tyranny of the Homosexual Lobby.

We are also proud to announce that we will be delivering 25,000 signed petitions of support for Chick-fil-A's pro-Family, Christian business policies, " Delgaudio said.

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