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Report: Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to Defy Trump, Performs Political Suicide


Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp will likely tap business executive Kelly Loeffler to the U.S. Senate despite strong criticism from his conservative base over Loffler's affiliation with Planned Parenthood, Stacey Abrams, and establishment Republicans, according to a report released Friday.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday that Kemp plans to tap business executive Loeffler next week as he will attempt to appeal to Georgia suburban women despite the conservative opposition to Loeffler.

Kemp's potential nomination of Loeffler will defy President Donald Trump, prominent conservative organizations, and Georgia's conservative base that helped Kemp get elected to the governor's office.

Breitbart News has reported how Loeffler has concerning ties to Democrat icon Stacey Abrams, and also that Loeffler's basketball team, the Atlanta Dream, has promoted the abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Loeffler has also donated $750,000 to Mitt Romney's failed 2012 presidential campaign as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars to former Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-WI) campaigns and PACs.

The Georgia governor's nomination of Loeffler could also spark a contentious primary fight, as House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), Trump's favorite for the seat, told the Journal-Constitution that he is "strongly" considering a run for the Senate seat if he is not picked.

Trump has reportedly lobbied Kemp to tap Collins three times in recent weeks. Trump expressed doubt over Loeffler, who remains politically untested.

Reports that Kemp will nominate Loeffler to the U.S. Senate has engendered outcry from conservatives in the House as well as across Georgia's Republican base.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a strong ally of Trump and supporter of his America First policies, said that Kemp is "hurting President Trump" by nominating a business executive who donated "$700k plus to Mitt Romney and nothing to Trump until she wanted in the Senate?"

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