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Joe Biden Child Protection Agency Announced

"Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio announces a grass roots program to warn the public about former vice-president Joe Biden's determination to continue the practice of creeping out "over-sensitive complainers", with the Joe Biden Child Protection Agency comprised of volunteers who will monitor the appearances of former Vice President Joe Biden in New Hampshire. Volunteer agents will wear the button at all times."

Eugene Delaudio president of Public Advocate said: "There are many countless incidents of creepy touching of women and young children by Joe Biden that provokes surprise or shock and a general uncomfortable and embarrassed reaction from normal people who do not have time to monitor social media reports and viral videos as they have jobs or families to raise. The mission of the Joe Biden Child Protection Agency is to fill that gap left by the equally strange major news media cover-up."

Messages on social media platforms, including twitter, video, and facebook:

The button will be shipped for free to any New Hampshire Resident who pledges
to "warn, monitor and report suspicious groping, smelling or grasping of children
by suspect Joe Biden in New Hampshire." Contact [email protected]
today before it is too late. Thank you."

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