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Attention visitors from off-world, Homosexual lobby re-defines human genitala

MRC Newsbusters reports:

"The Human Rights Campaign unveiled their new guide for trans sex and it's about as weird as you can imagine.

America's largest LGBTQ coalition composed an in-depth catalogue of non-binary sexuality that includes a couple new definitions of genitalia, because penis and/or vagina aren't self explanatory nor sensitive enough for non binary individuals.

When "front hole" is the new PC replacement for vagina, things have taken a turn for the surreal.

Besides discussion of masturbation and easy-to-read charts on how to practice safe trans sex with "sex toys, strap ons, and prosthetics," "Safer Sex For Trans Bodies" provides its most devious assualt on reality by providing a complete rework of the penis/vagina dichotomy.

Instead of the two, there are now four trans-inclusive iterations of human reproductive organs. The first is "Dick." Ever heard "Dick" used as a technical, biological term? Well it is used that way now, apparently as a definition for any set of "external genitals." HRC wrote, "Dicks come in all shapes and sizes and can belong to people of all genders."

What used to be a precise term for a specific reproductive organ has been downgraded to it's crude euphemistic nickname, one that covers a wide range of stubby protruberances that trans people associate with sex..............".

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