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Thank You: Joe Biden Child Protection Volunteers Sign Up

In a statement Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said:

"Thank you to the volunteers. Thank you for responding to my launching of a new grassroots program to warn the public about former vice-president Joe Biden and his serial-creepiness.

And I will not let Creepin' Joe dismiss his victims as just "over-sensitive complainers."

That's why Pubic Advocate has launched the Joe Biden Child Protection Agency project.

This Agency project is calling for volunteers to monitor the appearances of former Vice President Joe Biden in New Hampshire.

And to identify our Volunteer Agents, they will be provided with a prominent button to wear at all times.

There are so many countless incidents of creepy touching of women and young children by Joe Biden.

Acts so creepy they provoke shock and a general uncomfortable and embarrassed reaction from normal people.

Normal people who just don't have the time to monitor social media and viral videos diligently enough to catch them all.

The mission of the Joe Biden Child Protection Agency is to fill that gap left by the inexplicable Mainstream Media cover-up."
End of Statement