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Over 500,000 Pro-Life People Will March for Life, 50 Times More Than the Pro-Abortion Womens March


About half a million people are expected to travel to Washington, D.C. on Friday for the annual March for Life.

While the pro-abortion Women's March has dwindled rapidly within just a few years, the peaceful pro-life March for Life remains strong more than 40 years after it began. Unlike the Women's March, the March for Life is committed to the truth that every unborn baby's life is valuable and deserving of protection.

Earlier this month, only about 10,000 attended the Women's March in D.C., according to USA Today. Its hypocrisy about basic human rights may be one reason for its failure. As Krystina Skurk pointed out at The Federalist: "It is difficult for conservatives to take [the Women's March] lefty virtue signaling seriously or to respect so-called 'social justice warriors' when they believe killing more than 600,000 babies a year is a right instead of a crime. If one's definition of justice does not entail protecting the weak, then it is not true justice."

In contrast, pro-life advocates plan to travel from all across the country to make a peaceful stand for the rights of the unborn in our nation's capital. For example, Right to Life of Michigan alone is taking 20 buses and about 1,000 people for the long journey to D.C. this week. Tens of thousands of others travel shorter distances to attend.