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Public Advocate Celebrates End of Arrogant Pete buttigieg Hate Christian Tour

Today: Super Tuesday March 3 2020 For immediate release.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio comments on the end of what he calls, "The Hate Christian Presidential Candidate Tour."


Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg finished close to the bottom of the recent South Carolina Democratic Party primary and exited the presidential race hours later. Getting 8 per cent of the vote, only Elizabeth Warren did slightly worse.

Pete Buttigieg ran the Hate Chrisitan Presidential Campaign, a new low.

Public Advocate salutes Rush Limbaugh as far as noticing a secret vunerability. Then Public Advocate made sure millions knew the secret hidden truth: Pete Buttigieg was the homosexual lobby's favorite candidate for president.

Public Advocate responded to media obfuscation with just a few days to go before the crucial primary. The liberal news media was hailing the fudged and garbled "first place" wins for Pete Buttigieg in Iowa and New Hampshire for weeks. The liberal media celebrated Buttigieg as a moderate and only when Rush Limbaugh casually mentioned the fact that Buttigieg was openly gay and that nobody knew it was there a ripple and overreaction to Limbaugh.

It was media over reaction to this previously advanced "diversity" that triggered Public Advocate to take another look at a viral video of a woman voter in Iowa that was filmed requesting her caucus ballot back after finding out Buttigieg is gay.

"We had made few social media statements or even emails, but quickly Public Advocate used its various social media and email contacts to electonically notify supporters and the public that the "moderate" candidate Peter Buttigieg was being boosted for months and that he was the clear favorite of the homosexual lobby, " said Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.

Public Advocate reached millions of South Carolina residents with advertisements on social media platforms reporting public statements and practices of the Peter Buttigieg campaign including his, Buttigieg's, attacks made against Christians by the candidate, his claiming the moral high ground of being openly homosexual, and using a child for political purpose at a campaign event to promote the gay lobby agenda.

"The attacks on Rush Limbaugh were so negative that is was a clear indication that the liberal media did not want anyone to even metnion their favorite leftist candidate was such a radical stooge for this extremist propaganda machine as he headed to a critical possible victory. So Public Advocate hit them politically with the truth and Thank God for the results and Peter Buttigieg's quick departure as a result," said Delgaudio.