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Houston Police blame SPIRITUAL WARFARE as monster arrested 67 times murders perfect grandma

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate says: "Houston is run by demon loving idiot liberals for years and now Christian saints are knifed in the streets and now even the obviously brainless authorities blame the devil."

World Net Daily reports:

The police chief of Houston, Texas, is blaming "spiritual warfare" for a shocking murder Saturday as an 80-year woman described as a "perfect grandma" was allegedly murdered by a career criminal who had been arrested 67 times and was free on bail at the time of the killing.

"There's spiritual warfare going on, not just here but across the world. This is just crazy," said Police Chief Art Acevedo.

"I just want to tell this community we need to pray. We're fortunate that we're led by a mayor and a council that believe in the power of prayer."

"We've got to pray for this city and pray for this nation and pray for this world because you just can't make sense of this. A woman has lost her life because some guy decided he wanted whatever she had on her. To think that a guy stabbed a little old lady, I can't tell you the emotions I'm feeling right now."