Defending the family

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LMNOP Movement At the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio announced he will distribute LMNOP movement promotions including his famous umbrellas, balloons, giant lollipops from the Public Advocate store including the much in demand LMNOP movement official button at both national conventions for the major parties this year.

The store is open here .

Delgaudio said: "It is traditional for Public Advocate to meet with members of Congress, the Senate in both parties during their respective national conventions every four years to exchange ideas and even with the violence embraced by the Democratic Party or the restrictions required at the Republican Convention, Public Advocate will make sure we meet with both parties as they nominate their respective presidential candidates. We are seeking common ground or to contrast our embrace of pro-family values with those who have abandoned it.

The Democratic Party will be online but the studio production location could be a hub of workers while the Republican Party will convene in both Charlotte, North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida.