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Public Advocate Defends Black Voters in Tennessee Against White Liberal Congressman Steve Cohen

Public Advocate of the U.S. is supporting filings on behalf of Memphis life-long Democrat in the United States District Court for Western Tennessee for relief from violations of the Voting Rights Act for racial discrimination against black people.

Williams Thanks President Eugene Delgaudio

See Video Here.

Mr. M. Latroy Alexandria-Williams has publicly thanked President Eugene Delgaudio of Public Advocate for supporting Voting Rights Act claims in Memphis Tennessee on behalf of the rights of black people while also condemning actions of what he calls "Dixiecrats" in the Democratic Party.

Williams Calls for Attorney General Barr to Personally Initiate Criminal Voting Rights Act Investigation In Tennessee

Mr. Alexandria-Williams has called for Attorney General Barr to investigate possible Voting Rights Act felonies in Memphis as well as greater Tennessee against black people.


Public Advocate Vice President, Mark Clayton is in Memphis, Tennessee working with Mr. Alexandria-Williams legal team and attorneys by helping prepare federal Voting Rights Act claims for injunctive relief on the grounds of irreparable harm and racism which the team expects to have filed today.

Public Advocate's Message to be posted on the Public Advocate youtube page will explain how white liberal Congressman Steve Cohen lies openly about supporting the Voting Rights Act while destroying black voter rights at the same time.

Steve Cohen calls attorney general 'Chicken Barr,' eats KFC

Steve Cohen calls attorney general 'Chicken Barr,' eats KFC

Video: Chicken Man Rep. Steve Cohen reelection bid to be slapped with Voting Rights Act and RICO Claims from Own Black Constituents

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen ate fried chicken in front of America to call Attorney General Barr a chicken but is eating chicken out of both sides of his mouth.

On one hand Rep. Steve Cohen talks about the Voting Rights Act recently at the funeral of the late John Lewis-- but black voters in his district are not allowed to vote against Rep. Cohen because Cohen's friends removed the main legitimate black candidate from running against him.

Representative Cohen's constituents are filing a Voting Rights Act and RICO suit to challenge Cohen's election as fake and illegal because black opposition is not allowed to appear on the ballot against Cohen.

Cohen also known as chicken man for eating chicken at a Congressional hearing with AG William Barr, ironically stating he was a defender of voting rights at the John Lewis funeral.

" Cohen was among those saying Lewis's death comes at a time of struggle for voting rights in America."

After the service, Cohen said the remarks were appropriate, including an op-ed piece by Lewis published posthumously Thursday in the New York Times.

"If there's ever a time when we need to save America and save freedom and opportunity and democracy and tolerance - it's in November," he told The Daily Memphian. "It was appropriate that people brought it up and encouraged everybody to vote."