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Democratic Party Nominee: Joe Biden

In a message to Public Advocate supporters, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate said, in part:

"......Joe Biden has made it crystal clear that he will stand with the radical Homosexual Agenda in all things.

Biden's campaign has actually promised that he will be the most aggressive promoter of the Homosexual Agenda to ever hold the Oval Office.

Last summer, Joe Biden declared his total support for the Equal Rights Amendment.

This amendment would enshrine the Homosexual Agenda into our very Constitution, stripping Christians and pro-Family Americans of any right to abstain or say no.

It will lead to parents being charged with child abuse for raising their children with Biblical teachings on sexuality and gender.

And it will shutter churches for good.

Biden rejected the Biblical, historic and natural definition of marriage in 2012 when he endorsed homosexual "marriage."

He is actually credited with pushing Obama to later adopt the same position while still President.

As Vice President, he pushed the Thought Control Act of 2009, which drastically outlawed opposition to the Homosexual Agenda.

He also pushed the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- which has weakened our national defense and put Christian service members under severe persecution.

Biden has legally officiated two homosexual "weddings" since leaving the White House.

Biden celebrated the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that outrageously reinterpreted existing legislation to create employment privileges for homosexuals, transgenders, and pedophiles.

Biden wants to use taxpayer dollars to advance the radical Homosexual Agenda not only in the U.S., but around the world.

He supports the "transgender bathroom" agenda which puts women and children at risk in every public restroom.

He wants to reverse the military's ban on transgender members in service, despite the sound medical reasons to disqualify these individuals.

Joe Biden's campaign website specifically lists that he wants to end Religious Liberty rights if they conflict with the privileges demanded by homosexuals, transgenders, and pedophiles.

Biden has declared that "no constitutional amendment is absolute" -- meaning that he feels perfectly comfortable gutting the First Amendment of its protection of Religious Liberty or the Christian faith.

In his view, Christians should not be allowed to say no.

Biden is also promising to reverse every pro-Family policy that the Trump Administration has enacted.

These changes would include giving homosexuals preferential treatment for government housing aid, allowing men to stay in battered women's shelters, and forcing all government agencies to adopt the Homosexual Agenda in the workplace.

Biden wants to expand the "transgender insanity" by creating official "transgender ID cards" to track whatever gender people feel like -- changing almost daily.

Biden wants to ramp up the influence the Homosexual Agenda has in public schools and universities.

This will include mandatory "transgender bathrooms" in every school, for every grade.

Students who try to affirm natural, science-based biology will be disciplined and even charged with a federal hate crime.

Students who claim one of the privileged identities -- homosexual, transgender, or even unicorn -- will be practically exempt from any form of punishment or discipline.

Biden wants to give foreign homosexuals a free pass to migrate into the United States, bypassing Christians facing true persecution or even those potential immigrants who might actually be useful to this country.

Biden will create a special expansion of Obamacare for homosexuals so that taxpayers can subsidize their medical expenses.

Biden has endorsed the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- the so-called "Equality Act."

And just yesterday, Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate for Vice President.

Harris showed her loyalty to the Homosexual Agenda when first elected as the Attorney General of California.

Violating her oath of office, Harris refused to defend the infamous Proposition 8 -- the voter referendum to restrict marriage to just one man-one woman.

Proposition 8 was massively supported by the voters, but Harris refused to do her job, which led directly to the courts striking it down.

Her selection as his running mate is a direct nod to the Homosexual Lobby.

Especially since Biden's mental competency is questionable at best........."