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Pedo Alert: Drag Story Hour Twitter Account Claims Love Has No Age in Tweet

National File reports:

The UK Drag Queen Story Hour Twitter account was locked after drawing fury from various social media users due to a post containing a pro-pedophilia message. The phrase "love has no age" carries pro-pedophilia connotations of both an authentic and inauthentic nature. Some Twitter pedophiles have rebranded themselves as "MAPs"-an acronym for "minor attracted person; another euphemism to make a socially unpalatable cause more acceptable-spout this phrase, while others attempting to satirize internet pedophile have made memes containing the questionable phrase.

The tweet that simply read "love has no age" contained a picture of a smiling man in colorful garb carrying a rainbow umbrella while out in public. When the tweet was archived, it had two likes but 124 comments.

But following what perhaps became the most unpopular tweet in Twitter history, the UK Drag Story Queen Hour Twitter account was locked as a means to stop the ensuing backlash.

Since the lock was placed on the account, the tweet was archived by a swift-fingered internet sleuth.

Several commenters pointed out the existing age of consent as others simply called the person responsible for the tweet a "nonce."

Others posted memes expressing their disgust and personal conceptions of justice surrounding their preferred measures toward pedophilia.

Drag Queen Story Hours have gained significant popularity-and unpopularity-since their inception a few years ago...............

One particularly controversial Drag Queen Story Hour took place in Houston, Texas, after muckrakers revealed that two of the performers were registered sex offenders.

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