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Domestic Terrorists: Wisconsin congressman blames protesters coming in from Chicago for Kenosha unrest

Rep. Bryan Steil said the violence that's broken out in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after the police shooting of Jacob Blake is coming from outside influencers.

Steil, who represents Kenosha in his district, said he's heard from local law enforcement that protesters are coming into the Milwaukee suburb from Chicago to try to cause chaos.

"This is not the Kenosha I know," Steil said Tuesday on Fox News's The Story With Martha MacCallum. "If you look at where Kenosha is located, it's along the lake between Milwaukee and Chicago. I'm very concerned, and I've heard from local law enforcement that they're very concerned large numbers of people are coming up from Chicago and trying to disrupt the public safety in the community of Kenosha."

Kenosha became the center of protest after Blake was shot seven times by police on Sunday night. Violence escalated overnight on Sunday and Monday, with protesters smashing windows, lighting cars on fire, and confronting police officers in the area.

Blake remains in a nearby hospital after being in serious condition following the shooting.

Police said they responded to a call about a potential domestic disturbance in Kenosha the night Blake was shot. A video that circulated around social media appeared to show a black man, believed to be Blake, walking from the passenger side of the car and around the hood, with officers following him as their guns were drawn. The man opened the driver door and started to move inside the car, after which the officers then started firing. Seven shots can be heard in the video, and it's unclear whether there was a weapon in the car.

The video doesn't show what happened before the man walked away from the officers.