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Joe Biden Bails Out Violent Criminal Who Immediately Attempts to Murder

Gateway Pundit reports:

A 32-year-old accused felon committed another violent assault against an innocent man after being bailed out by the nonprofit funded by Biden's staffers.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund received $35 million in donations during the George Floyd riots and Biden's campaign staffers were among the people who made substantial donations.

Lionel Timms was bailed out of jail in July thanks to the Minnesota Freedom Fund touted by Biden's running mate Kamala Harris.

Timms was rearrested in August and faces one felony count of third-degree assault - causing substantial bodily harm, after he repeatedly kicked a man in the head.

The victim suffered a traumatic brain injury, a fractured skull and brain bleed all because Kamala Harris and Biden's staffers helped bail Timms out of jail.

Joe Biden Photo Credit Michael Stokes, Not an endorsement of this article.