Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate in a statement for release Monday, September 28, says:

"For some time, Public Advocate has been requesting the amount of money being spent on pro-homosexual propaganda directed at young people being paid by taxpayers funds provided to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and now a federal judge has ordered the CDC to comply by direct order to respond to Public Advocate's Freedom of Information request.

Based on preliminary estimates and other sources contained in the documents ordered to be handed over, documents already provided and other sources Public Advocate estimates the amount to be $300 million.

$300 million in taxpayer funds would pay for a lot research into the Covid pandemic, a lot of lives are impacted by this diverting of funds for pro-homosexual political propaganda," says Delgaudio.

Public Advocate's legal team is to be commended for uncovering this giant fraud being conducted," said Delgaudio.


In a message to his supporters, Delgaudio said in part:

"The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been ordered to show what taxpayers are spending on homosexual propaganda!

And it's all thanks to your Public Advocate's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the CDC and the support of good folks like you.

The Homosexual Lobby's cronies in the federal government are desperate to conceal how much of our tax dollars are being used to prop up their anti-Family agenda.

That's why their allies at the CDC have done everything they can to delay and close our FOIA request.

They know how embarrassing this will be for CDC officials, and they are terrified how folks like us will respond to their gluttonous spending to promote this propaganda, especially during a time that research budgets on COVID are being diverted to squander on this propaganda.

Under the Obama Administration, the CDC took up the charge to promote the Homosexual Lobby's perverse lifestyle by producing countless videos and ads to "educate the public on AIDS/HIV."

But every single video released in this series was rife with endorsements in a propaganda style of the homosexual lifestyle.

Pairs of men are shown being flirtatious and even sexual with each other.
Parents are shown endorsing homosexuality in children.
These videos are political propaganda, pure and simple.
And it comes at the expense of urgent programs like fighting the COVID pandemic.

Public Advocate estimates the amount of money to be $300 million during both the Obama and Trump Adminstration terms.

Even today, someone at the CDC is spending millions of tax dollars to run these ads on sites like YouTube and other social media.

And someone must be held responsible for the content of these videos and, even more importantly, for how much money has been spent on them.

That's why I had Public Advocate's lawyers file an FOIA request with the CDC.

We requested all documentation related to the planning, production, and distribution -- both past and present -- of this homosexual propaganda.
I can't say I'm surprised that the bureaucrats at the CDC fought us on this.

Despite the crystal-clear nature of the FOIA law, bureaucrats working on behalf of the Homosexual Lobby never like to let their misdeeds come to light.
They tried to claim that our request would require a massive fee to complete!

And they even tried to close our request if your Public Advocate didn't respond to their notice of these fees in within five business days.

The CDC's five-day deadline was not only absurd, but it goes against FOIA regulation (45 CFR � 5.51 (b) & (e)).

This regulation clearly states my lawyers should have been given 20 business days to respond to any discussions over fees.

Luckily, the judge on the case was able to see what the CDC was trying to do.

So he called their bluff and ordered the CDC to adhere to our FOIA request.

The judge knew that the law requires the CDC to produce this information upon request, without strings or stipulations.

Something I was already aware of after being in a fight like this before.

You see, under the Obama Administration, we used the FOIA to successfully prove that Obama had lied when he announced his office had received a nationwide mandate to push "transgender bathrooms."

And we had to fight them in court for that information too.

This only adds to the trend of defiant behavior that goes on at the CDC.

Just recently, President Trump had to go above and beyond to force CDC officials to adhere to his executive order to end their "training course" called "Critical Race Theory." This training's sole purpose was to get government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda, costing taxpayers millions to date.

So as you can see, the CDC knows exactly what it's doing.

They know they are pushing the Left's anti-Family Agenda.

Thankfully, our recent victory gets us one step closer to exposing the CDC and the full details of the taxpayer-funded propaganda being used by other federal healthcare offices to promote anti-Family rhetoric.

Our preliminary estimate is that $300 million in taxpayer funds are being diverted from Budgeted programs fighting COVID to pay for this pro-homosexual propaganda.

It's our right to know the truth about how our tax dollars are being spent in promotion of the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And there is still so much more that needs to be done to expose the CDC's irresponsible use of our tax dollars, " said Delgaudio.