Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate responds to lawsuit filed against Google by the Department of Justice in a message to his supporters made public today.


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The Department of Justice has finally answered our call for action.

Attorney General William Barr and his Department of Justice have filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google, alleging that this search engine goliath constitutes a monopoly.

The announcement of the lawsuit coincided with a shocking interview released by the independent media group Project Veritas.

These undercover reporters filmed a Google manager admitting that Google is grossly manipulating the country to hate Trump and vote for Joe Biden.

I don't think I have to tell you that "Big Tech" has become a propaganda machine protecting and promoting the Radical Left and their perverse agendas.

Eight days ago, the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani broke a carefully sourced story that shows damning evidence linking Joe Biden to the Ukrainian scandal.

His son, Hunter, was receiving vast amounts of money from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma for influence with his father, the then-Vice President.

Despite this story coming from an established verified news source, both Facebook and Twitter announced that they were taking it upon themselves to censor this story until they decided if it was true or not.

The Silicon Valley techies wanted to decide on behalf of the American people whether we should be allowed to read a news source.

Facebook and Twitter have both long defended their place in the market by claiming they are merely a platform where news is published.

Yet they regularly promote and praise the propaganda of the Homosexual Lobby and the Radical Left, while interfering with the promotion of pro-Family and conservative truths.

In response to this unbelievable breach of the public trust, Congress has finally decided to act.

The CEOs of Google, Twitter and Facebook were threatened by the Senate with subpoenaing if they did not voluntarily present themselves on October 28th to answer questions.

Right now, all three are scheduled to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee in a hearing that could have serious ramifications.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have long practiced biased censorship of conservative speech on their supposedly neutral platforms.

In the case of Twitter, Public Advocate plans to file our own legal complaint very shortly with the Federal Elections Commission.

Thank you to Senators for holding these out of control tyrants to task," Delgaudio said.

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