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Facebook Promotes End to Section 230? Deletes 365,000 Stop the Steal Accounts

Facebook Seems To Promote Abolition of Section 230, Deletes 365,000 Accounts of Trump Stop the Steal Supporters

Business insider reports, in part:

Facebook takes down group for making false election claims and 'worrying calls for violence' after it amassed over 365,000 members in 2 days

Facebook removed a massively popular group from its platform Thursday after it was awash with claims of voter fraud and allegations Democrats were trying to steal the election from Donald Trump.

The Facebook group, called "Stop the Steal," was taken down after accumulating more than 365,000 members in just two days. Facebook says it removed the group because it was organized around "the delegitimization of the election process," and some members were making "worrying calls for violence."

The online group centered around the idea,.........., that Democrats are "stealing" the presidential election, the outcome of which has still not been decided as of Thursday afternoon. (These allegations) - have encouraged the public to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election outcome as votes continue to be counted across the nation, including in some key battleground states.

It appears the Facebook group was created by a conservative nonprofit called Women for America First. In its description before it was taken down, the Facebook group called for "boots on the ground to protect the integrity of the vote." The page for Women for America First remains on Facebook.