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Trump Supporters Flocking to MeWe and Parler in Face of Collapse of Facebook

Leftist Business Insider reports:

Pro-Trump activists have found a new online home to protest vote-counting less than 24 hours after Facebook shut down an organizing group of more than 365,000 members for breaking its policies around inciting violence.

Thousands have flocked to such groups on MeWe, a social platform emphasizing users' rights and privacy that anti-lockdown protesters turned to earlier this year after they......(were purged by)..... Facebook.

Nearly a dozen "Stop the Steal" groups have popped up since Thursday on MeWe, Business Insider has found, filled with posts claiming voter fraud and organizing state-by-state protests of election results.

"Stop the Steal," a conspiracy theory that accuses Democrats of stealing the presidential election for Joe Biden, is just one of the rallying cries some Republicans have latched onto to dispute the results of Tuesday's presidential election.