Defending the family

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Big Tech Is Exposed as Political Arm of the Anti-Freedom Anti-Family Leftist Fringe Elements


Big tech, social media, and the press used the violence on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 as a pretext to purge their platforms of conservative figures and Republican officials, most notably President Donald Trump. Amazon, Apple, and Google conspired to de-platform Parler, regarded as a conservative, or free-speech, alternative to Twitter. Critics of the sweeping actions argue, rightly, that censorship violates not only First Amendment freedoms but also the spirit of the law protecting internet service providers from liability.

But this is not censorship. Rather it is part of the strategic logic of mass conflict. The leadership of the political, corporate, and cultural establishment that today rules America shut down the communications of those against whom they are waging war.

The moves fully expose the architecture of the American oligarchy-Big Tech is a Democratic Party funding mechanism and part of its operational arm, with social media and the prestige press serving as information warfare platforms disseminating propaganda and blocking information damaging to the regime.

For instance, Simon and Schuster canceled Sen. Josh Hawley's book with the timely title "The Tyranny of Big Tech," claiming that Hawley played a dangerous role in events at the Capitol. Jan. 6 was indeed a big deal but not for the reasons the regime gives publicly. From its perspective, what Hawley did was much more dangerous when he officially questioned the integrity of the 2020 vote, i.e., the regime's legitimacy.