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Public Advocate Petition fights Communist Style Purge in Full Swing on Big Tech Cartel Platforms

Eugene Delgaudio in an online message takes on the harsh assaults on Christians and the first Amendment on so-called "social platforms".

Delgaudio said in part:

Right now, the Big Tech Cartel is conducting a purge of all dissenting voices. Anyone on social media who is not toeing the party line is being silenced.

This is a coordinated assault on the First Amendment. Numerous banks have declared they will no longer do business with President Trump.

When the Homosexual Lobby persecuted all those bakers and florists and photographers for being Christian, we knew it was a double-standard.

Christians are not allowed to say no to the disgusting Homosexual Agenda, but liberal and Marxist-run companies are allowed to refuse to do business with conservatives or Christians whenever they want.

The political propaganda of the Homosexual Lobby is promoted by the Big Tech Cartel, while conservative speech opposing it is censored.

Google, Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft -- they are conspiring together to enforce their ideology on the entire tech industry.

If any company steps out of line, they destroy them............

This is a carefully coordinated action to suppress the free speech of the American people and anyone who stands against the radical Homosexual Agenda. People around the world are waking up to this threat following Public Advocate's call to action.

And we have collected a huge wave of petitions to End the Censorship of conservatives on the internet. But we need more.

Please sign the petition today," Delgaudio said.