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Biden May Like Anal Swabs In China to Test for Covid This Week

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio says: "I question the necessity of the 42 executive orders in one week as harsh and needless abuse of presidential power that impacts negatively all Americans. I fear the wreckless disregard for Congressional legislative process as news reaches the United States of a new procedure, as reported by Newsweek magazine, to use anal swabs as a more accurate test for Covid in mainland China. There is a possibility President Biden may sign an Executive Action encouraging this new procedure based on the out of control rate of signing whatever is placed in front of him."

Newsweek reports:

More than a million Beijing residents undergoing coronavirus testing amid a fresh outbreak have been administered anal swabs, which are considered more accurate and raise the chances of detecting COVID-19, said a Chinese disease specialist.

The key districts of Daxing and Dongcheng began a mass testing drive on Friday after a nine-year-old boy tested positive for the more virulent strain of the virus, first discovered in London and the southeast of England last month.

Health authorities in the Chinese capital said they were aiming to screen more than two million people in 48 hours. Among them, around 1.6 million inhabitants in Daxing were to be given antibody tests, as well as throat, nasal and rectal nucleic acid swabs.

Anal swabs have been in use since last year, including in the major port city of Shanghai, but the method is so far reserved for individuals in potential COVID-19 hotspots, according to an infectious disease expert quoted by China's state broadcaster CCTV on Saturday.