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Western Journal: Public Advocate's FOIA DOJ Documents Show Jaw-Dropping Truth on Child Sex Abuse

The Western Journal has published an Op-Ed written by Public Advocate President, Eugene Delgaudio.

Our two-year investigation has proven that the FBI and Department of Justice have turned a blind-eye to institutional child molestation almost everywhere while fixating on the Catholic Church.

The Church has faced undue judgements, while other institutions, such as our nation's public school system, foster care systems or even other religions are allowed to sweep their own cases -- which number many magnitudes greater -- under the rug without any federal investigation.

The national complacency to pedophilia and child molestation must be stopped!

In an exclusive posting on the Western Journal, Eugene Delgaudio reveals:

If there is one thing we learned during the Trump administration, it is that in Washington, D.C., things often are not what they appear to be - particularly at the highly politicized Department of Justice.

When federal prosecutors leak stories to their pals in the establishment media, they often are pursuing their own agenda more than our best interests. Americans need to learn to look skeptically behind these headlines to discern what that agenda may be. As a case in point, consider a matter that my organization, Public Advocate, has been pursuing for the past two years.

On Oct. 18, 2018, The Associated Press reported that "[f]ederal prosecutors have opened an investigation of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, using subpoenas to demand secret files and testimony from high-ranking leaders in what victims' advocates say is the first such probe ever launched by the U.S. Justice Department."

This federal announcement was quite astonishing because, as the story noted, "investigations into sexual abuse by clergy members have historically been handled exclusively by state and local authorities."

To read the complete 3500 word report, please click here. A complete version will be available soon here.