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Loudoun County Virginia Target Parents to Silence Them

DAILY WIRE REPORTS: Teachers Compile List Of Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum, Plot War On Them

"Infiltrate... shut down their websites& expose these people publicly"

Daily Wire: A group of current and former teachers and others in Loudoun County, Virginia, compiled a lengthy list of parents suspected of disagreeing with school system actions, including its teaching of controversial racial concepts - with a stated purpose in part to "infiltrate," use "hackers" to silence parents' communications, and "expose these people publicly."

Members of a 624-member private Facebook group called "Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County" named parents and plotted fundraising and other offline work. Some used pseudonyms, but The Daily Wire has identified them as a who's who of the affluent jurisdiction outside D.C., including school staff and elected officials.

The sheriff's criminal investigations division is reviewing the matter - but the group's activities might be no surprise to top law enforcement because the county's prosecutor, narrowly elected with the help of $845,000 in cash from George Soros, appears to be a member of the Facebook group...

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