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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, posted this statement regarding all Virginia governor candidates and their wrongful assistance to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) today.

Delgaudio said:

Glenn Youngkin is a name you've probably not heard of before.

But disgustingly, there are many in the Virginia Republican Party who are promoting him as the next "conservative" candidate for governor in our state.

And with just two statewide races in the entire country, Virginia is being closely watched by experts and insiders as an indicator of how the nation will go in 2022.

So why I am I disgusted by the candidacy of Youngkin?

Because he is an unapologetic fundraiser for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as co-CEO of the Liberal Establishment lobby group Carlye Group.

Link to Carlyle Website With Glenn Youngkin Signed appeal for SPLC.

The Carlyle Group has also hosted Hillary Clinton for a speech, paying her $200,000 for the privilege.

That's the very same SPLC that has put your Public Advocate on their Hate Map...

...the very same SPLC that tried to bankrupt your Public Advocate in a frivolous lawsuit...

...and the very same SPLC that inspired and encouraged a deranged homosexual activist to go on a shooting spree in the D.C. Area -- a spree that involved the shooter stalking me that same day.

In Youngkin's former role as the head of a private equity firm, he made fundraising for the SPLC a priority.

Youngkin and his firm raised a lot of money to go right into the SPLC's warchest.

But for most Democrats, many Republicans and other so-called conservatives, ties to the SPLC are "no big deal."

I honestly don't know if these persons are knowingly selling out the values they espouse, or are just mind-bogglingly ignorant of just what the SPLC is. . . but I'm going to assume it's an issue of ignorance and try to correct that right now.

The SPLC claims a lofty past to try to justify their current standing as the "definitive voice on hate."

But it's all a sham.

First and foremost, the SPLC is nothing more than an attack dog for the radical Left and Homosexual Lobby.

How do they define "hate"?

It's essentially any opposition to the radical Leftist Agenda.

You oppose abortion and support life in the womb? That's "danger hate."

You believe that gender is written into our biology and not something to be altered through destructive surgeries?


Does your group or Church teach that the Holy Bible is the final word on sexuality and defines marriage as one man and one woman?

Why you're practically a terrorist in the eyes of the SPLC.

The SPLC's signature work is their "Hate Map."

But the vast majority of this map is nothing more than Christians, pro-Family organizations, pro-Life Organizations -- basically any conservative political issue group.

And then, there are fake groups that the SPLC grossly exaggerates to fluff up their list. identified one so-called dangerous group as being nothing more than a sole woman writing a blog!

The SPLC provided legal training to the U.S. Department of Justice for years, teaching the federal investigators and lawyers to prioritize specious hate crimes over real crimes.

Remember when Jessie Smollett staged an assault by "Trump supporters?"

Or the NASCAR driver who reported a rope pull as a "threat to lynch him?"

The FBI rushed to investigate those claims while ignoring more serious crimes -- like serial homosexual child-predators.

That's the result of their SPLC training.

The SPLC is so vicious and vindictive, that they will label any group that so much as DEFENDS Christians and pro-Family advocates as "hate groups" themselves.

The SPLC's goal is to outlaw the entire conservative movement.

To cancel the truth once and for all.

Right now, Public Advocate is fighting in court to hold the SPLC accountable for their reckless use of Reputational Terrorism. -- one of the biggest players in the Big Tech Cartel -- is consulting with the SPLC on which charities they should ban from their AmazonSmiles program.

Real, Bible-believing churches are practically all painted with the "Hate group" brush.

And this is the organization that Glenn Youngkin -- in whatever capacity -- raised millions of dollars for.

I wonder how many churches have been persecuted because of his hard work?

And this is the SPLC that many in the Republican Party of Virginia are trying to defend.

So I will make this clear: the SPLC is the political dark underside where light has never visited..

I will challenge any so-called conservative to try to prove otherwise.

For centuries Virginia produced Christian, God-fearing politicians both for our own leadership and for the nation's.

I am truly disgusted that anyone would consider Glenn Youngkin worthy of adding to that legacy.

That's why I need you to contact the Youngkin Campaign and insist he renounce his help for the horrible SPLC.

And then contact all the other VA governor campaigns and let them know the SPLC is an evil organization that no public figure should ever be connected too.

We need to show the nation that Virginia will not put up with the SPLC or their practice of Reputational Terrorism..

Here is the complete list of candidates that I have been able to assemble.

Please contact as many as you are able:

Glenn Youngkin for Governor (On GOP Ballot May 8)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Senator Amanda Chase for Governor (On GOP Ballot May 8)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Phone: (804) 698-7511 (Richmond)
Phone: (804) 698-7511 (District)

Delegate Kirk Cox for Governor (On Ballot May 8)
[email protected]
Office: (804) 526-5135

Pete Snyder for Governor (On GOP Ballot May 8)
[email protected]
[email protected]
(703) 659-1100

Sergio de la Pena for Governor (On GOP Ballot May 8)
email: [email protected]

Merle Rutledge for Governor (Withdrawn)

Kurt Santini for Governor (Withdrawn)
[email protected]

Peter Doran for Governor (On GOP Ballot May 8)
[email protected]

Octavia L. Johnson (On GOP Ballot May 8)

Phone: 540-985-9126

[email protected]


Jennifer Carroll Foy for Governor (Democratic Primary June 8)
[email protected]

Lee J. Carter for Governor (Democratic Primary June 8)
[email protected]

Justin Fairfax for Governor (Democratic Primary June 8)
[email protected]

Terry McAuliffe for Governor (Democratic Primary June 8)
[email protected]

Jennifer McClellan for Governor (Democratic Primary June 8)
[email protected]
[email protected]