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Gov. Kristi Noem Calls All Christians "BULLIES" Who Demand End to Men in Women Sports


Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, has posted on 15 social media platforms and is sending online direct response communications using various methods (phone, email, printed mailings, ads) with this message in part (as follows):

"When it comes to predicting political betrayals, I often hate being right.

Weeks ago I wrote you about the multi-state effort to nullify Joe Biden's "transgender sports" assault on girls' athletics.
Several states, including South Dakota, seemed guaranteed to sign their own Stop Trans Sports bills.

But I warned you, that it's never over till it's over.

I stressed that even governors who have promised to sign a bill, "can still get cold feet."
Well no one's feet are colder right now than Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota.

Despite her promise to sign the Stop Trans Sports Bill into law, Kristi Noem caved to pressure from the Homosexual Lobby as soon as it hit her desk.

We know the NCAA has threatened the collegiate sports in South Dakota.

We know that Noem sat down privately with Amazon and the Chamber of Commerce -- both threatened economic terrorism on her state if she signed.

So Kristi Noem did what she does best in a tough situation...

She passed the buck.

Noem is demanding that the legislature water down the bill before she will consider signing it.

Noem doesn't want 18 year old girls just starting college to be protected from the radical Homosexual Agenda.

Noem is an expert at killing bills she doesn't like without letting the public know she did it.

To justify her current course of action, Noem has spun a convoluted web of half-explanations and vague promises.

When Tucker Carlson pressed for specifics on why the current bill wouldn't work, Noem deflected and refused to answer.

(TUCKER CARLSON HAS UPDATED HIS RESPONSE since that interview with a negative and critical opinion of Noem's lack of leadership)

I don't want to get too deep into "insider baseball," but her excuses are textbook political lies that I have seen thousands of times.

Right now, Gov. Noem is trying to kill the bill that she promised to sign.

She's throwing out a web of lies to confuse people on what she's actually doing.

This is why Public Advocate needs plenty of support for each of these bills in every single state.

We are working overtime to rally South Dakota to hold their rogue governor accountable.

But we also need to be ready for the next governor that decides to break their word.

We are gathering signatures for our Stop Trans Sports petition in all 50 states.

Please, click here to sign your petition.

We will deliver it to your state elected officials to show them you oppose letting men or boys compete against girls.

But after you sign, I need you to seriously consider what you can spare to help us fund this fight.

We have ramped up efforts in South Dakota and across the nation to hold Noem's feet to the fire.

And there are many more states where we need to launch similar efforts.

So please, prayerfully consider what you can chip in to fund our fight.

We cannot allow groups like Amazon or the NCAA to force us to adopt the radical Homosexual Agenda.

Please Sign My Petition To End Men In Women's Sports