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Tennessee Hailed As Pro-Family State With 70 Bills In Legislature To Protect Family

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate hails Tennessee as America's top pro-family state. Delgaudio said "Thank you to the brave legislators who stand against the cancel culture that would wipe away our God, our families and our two gender science based nation."

Homosexual activists are in an uproard against the "crushing" tidle wave of pro-family actions.

Fox TV News of Nashville Reports:


Transgender Tennesseans and LGBTQ advocates spoke out against legislation they call discriminatory in the latest "slate of hate" that includes dozens of anti-LGBTQ efforts in the past several years.

A series of anti-transgender bills are advancing in Tennessee's General Assembly, including a push to ban transgender student athletes and another "bathroom bill."

The Tennessee House was slated to vote on the student athlete bill, SB22 / HB3 which requires a student participating in middle school or high school sports to play based on their biological sex as indicated on their birth certificate, on Thursday, but that vote was rolled to Monday. It already passed the Senate and if it clears the House, it will head to Gov. Bill Lee's desk.

Last month, Gov. Lee told reporters he believed allowing transgender girls to play on female sports teams would "destroy women's sports." The governor added he believed it would also "ruin the opportunity for girls to earn scholarships."

Transgender Tennesseans and advocates spoke out about the legislation Thursday.

"The harm that folks go through watching their legislators debate the existence of trans youth. It is crushing," Cathryn Oakley, HRC, State Legislative Director & Senior Counsel, said about the series of bills.

She pointed to an investigation by the Associated Press in which legislators in 20 states pushing bills to ban transgender girls from competing on girls' sports teams were asked what prompted the bills. The AP found in nearly every case, an example of what prompted the bill couldn't be cited, including Tennessee.

In Tennessee, House Speaker Cameron Sexton conceded there may not actually be transgender students now participating in middle and high school sports; he said a bill was necessary so the state could be "proactive." - AP

"The people who are pushing this legislation are anti-LGBTQ activists who are desperate to try and claw back the equality gains that have been made in our movement," Oakley said. "They are not people who have a reputation for caring about women's sports. They are the same people trying to push bathroom bills and who are trying to push wedding refusals. These are people who do not believe in LGBTQ equality and do not believe that trans people have valid identities."

Oakley says in the past six years, Tennessee has filed more than 70 anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation.