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Surgery and self mutiliation of thousands of regretful victims are the results of a profit minded pro-transgender movement seeking power and money in league with the long established Homosexual lobby, says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

30 Victims on prime time reveal this in gory detail on the Sixty Minute program this past Sunday, says Delgaudio.

In her 60 Minutes interview, Lidinsky-Smith shares experiences like those described by the Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network.

Lidinsky-Smith says

"I can't believe I transitioned and detransitioned, including hormones and surgery in the course of less than one year. It's completely crazy."

60 Minutes in an over view of the segment says:

"This week on 60 Minutes, correspondent Lesley Stahl reported on the health care challenges facing the transgender community, amid a spate of legislation being introduced in states across the country that would limit care for transgender youth.

The report, titled "Transgender Healthcare," introduced the 60 Minutes audience to a group of people who call themselves "detransitioners," those who took steps to transition but chose to reverse the process.

Their stories highlight an issue of increasing concern for some providers in the transgender healthcare field. They said some patients are not being properly evaluated in accordance with professional guidelines before being prescribed hormone treatments or approved for surgery.

Stahl and the producing team of Alexandra Poolos and Collette Richards began reporting on the story in December, methodically contacting doctors, clinicians, activists, transgender people and their families, and people who detransitioned.

"I think we spoke to more people on this story than any other story I can remember reporting on in my whole time at 60 Minutes," Stahl told 60 Minutes Overtime. "We wanted to be thorough. We wanted to be fair. And we wanted to understand every aspect of this story. And it was really focused on health care. That was the primary idea for the story. Health care."

Link to Research Group, Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network, exposing the needless surgery of young victims of transgender propaganda

Link to full segment on the 60 Minutes report on Victims of Transgender Propaganda

Public Advocate and other legitimate pro-family groups are responding to these reports as proof that children are being mislead, but 60 Minutes is responding that their segment publicizes the lack of proper health care that victims of the propaganda are receiving.