Defending the family

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Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio says: "CNN is paying a confirmed sex assaulter who should be in jail for exposing himself to female employees in a zoom call. As others have observed, a person on a zoom call must affirm to several times to be on camera, so this is considered on the job sexual assault in any case. Jeffrey Toobin should be no where near a camera as it is a risk to the population at large worldwide."


"..................One person who seems to have dodged not only the cancel culture bullet but also the #MeToo movement in the process was CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who hands down did something far worse than (NOTE: several celebrities punished for less) Carano, McCammond or DeGeneres. While the former two expressed their opinions - albeit perhaps not in the best way - and the talk show host proved to be a difficult boss, Toobin certainly crossed many lines when he was caught masturbating on a New Yorker Zoom conference call that included several female colleagues. The others on the calls witnessed the incident play out in real-time, for which the magazine promptly fired Toobin.

CNN pulled Toobin and kept him off the air, but they stopped short of firing him. As The Hill reported, "for about the past 250 days, the network continued to pay Toobin his lucrative salary before putting him back on the air." The report also noted that Toobin had called the firing from The New Yorker "excessive," and when he was back on the air his response was "I hope to be a better person off-camera as well as on-camera."

Toobin admitted in his welcome-back segment that he had no defense for his poor behavior, and only maintained, "I didn't think I was on the call. I didn't think other people could see me." He claimed he thought he turned off the camera, but that still begs the question of why he felt it was necessary to take part in such a personal activity immediately following a call with multiple female colleagues.


Journalist Megyn Kelly, another "cancel culture" victim, tweeted, "There is not a woman alive who could have done anything close to what Jeffrey Toobin did (not that one would) and kept her job. What a disgusting, incestuous boys' club. So damned tired of it."

Finally, perhaps to take this to another level, the question should be asked why CNN even paid Toobin during his suspension? He essentially live-streamed a sex act and as punishment was pulled from the air with pay."