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Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Tells Tucker Carlson He Is Embarrassed, Apologizes

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate says "The creator of Wikipedia has tried to reform the leftist anti-Family bent of the Wiki platform. And he apologises to anyone hurt by the Wike platform. I accept his apology on my own behalf as my wiki page is typically twisted and a false one sided report."

Breitbart reports:

"In an interview Thursday for Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger stated he was embarrassed about helping found the site given its increasing left-wing bias. Noting it helps shape the understanding many Americans have of the world, Carlson asked Sanger what could be done to fix the problems on Wikipedia, but Sanger doubted it was possible to fix the site from the inside. He instead argued for creating alternative sources, noting his most recent effort: the Encyclosphere.

Sanger also apologized to those individuals whose reputations have been harmed by Wikipedia because of his role in founding it, though Carlson also noted Google's role in promoting the site. Carlson himself has been one subject of smear campaigns on the site.

Over the past year, Sanger has repeatedly criticized Wikipedia for left-wing bias, stating its neutrality was "dead" and its commitment to it "long gone" in blog posts and interviews. He noted how differently articles about Donald Trump and Barack Obama covered scandals in their presidential administrations, as well as how scandals involving Joe Biden have been covered. Sanger also criticized coverage of religious and scientific topics as pushing a liberal or establishment view. Recently, he stated that the site has become "an opponent of vigorous democracy" and could no longer be trusted to give anything other than a left-wing or establishment view, mentioning the site's ongoing purge of conservative media. Fox News itself is discouraged as a source on politics..............

Sanger added he was "sorry to all the people whose reputations have been sullied by what I got started 20 years ago."

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Photo Credit: Youtube Interview with Tucker Carlson