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Stop Gender Corruption Theory Abuse of Children

Stop Gender Corruption Theory Abuse of Children

Statement by Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Across the country, parents are openly battling with local school boards over the radical indoctrination being taught to their children.

Critical Race Theory and Gender Corruption Theory are being used side-by-side to warp the minds of children.

Critical Race Theory is grabbing the majority of the headlines -- because most of the media are still trying to keep a lid on Gender Corruption Theory.

But the parents in Loudoun County, VA know that both are equally destructive.

Gender Corruption Theory is being forced on schools by the Biden Administration and by state governments -- like Virginia's Department of Education.

But it all started with Barack Obama.

He was the first to order all schools to embrace "transgender bathrooms" by executive order.

His administration claimed that they were responding to a mountain of requests from parents across the country.

But Public Advocate uncovered the truth by FOIA request to show that Obama had only received a mere handful of complaints -- he had NO national mandate.

We were the first to expose that all this "gender destruction" was not based on the will of the American people, but came from a more sinister agenda.

President Trump heard our call to action and he held Gender Corruption Theory at bay for four years.

But now Biden is in power and he has picked up right where Obama left off.

While Critical Race Theory is teaching young students to hate based on race, Gender Corruption Theory is teaching students to hate their own biology.

It is the application of the radical Homosexual Agenda to the classroom.

Students are being bombarded with the message that gender is meaningless, that biology is a prison.

They are being manipulated into disbelieving reality.

Young girls who object to male students in their bathrooms or locker rooms are being told they are the wrong ones.

They are the ones who don't fit in.

Boys are being taught it's perfectly normal for men to become pregnant or menstruate.

The phrase "breastfeeding" is being replaced everywhere with "chestfeeding" -- because "men can nurse too."

Girls are being driven out of student athletics by biologically male athletes who'd rather dominate easier opponents than lose to their own gender.

Children of 5 years or younger are being exposed to sexual predators in "Drag Queen Story Hours" hosted in public libraries -- events designed to desensitize these children to the sexually perverse and "gender fluid."

This is all part of Gender Corruption Theory.

It's the intentional destruction of gender in our public school classrooms, so that the next generation will grow up believing there is no objective truth.

There are no guidelines, standards or rules when it comes to gender or sexual behavior.

"Men" or "Women" is whatever you want it to be.

Public Advocate has been in the fight against Critical Race Theory, the homosexual lobby, the transgender fraud and now will take on Gender Corruption Theory.

End of Statement