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Sad Cuomosexuals Weep: Monster Murderer Sex Assaulter Andrew Cuomo Resigns

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate reacted to the announcement Andrew Cuomo would resign as Governor:

"Adoring gullible Cuomosexuals cry that their beloved liberal icon that they worship has fallen. The Mass murdering serial sex assaulter New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced he is resigning from public office, " Delgaudio said.

Delgaudio continued "Cuomo refuses to admit any wrongdoing in the criminal allegations reported in detail by law endorcement investigations. Cuomo refuses to admit fault with the thousands of dead elderly at the hands of his policy to place vunerable patients into Nursing homes. Cuomo is resigning because of the steadfast and regular drumbeat of his many victims who refused to go away after being humiliated by the liberal media and the Cuomo machine. These victims stood up to the media alliance with the Cuomo crime family. One particular hero who took all the risk in a particularly fearles fashion is Janice Dean, a meteroligist, who lost her in-laws as a result of Cuomo's terrible policies. Dean emphatically and regularly publicly campaigned for Cuomo's punishment without let up or surrendering to the nasty public derision of the Cuomo Criminal Mob in government and her own news media collegues in the industry," Delgaudio said.