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Missouri Drama teacher attempts to groom 100s of students for gay pride cause resigns after being caught

"Gay Rights propagandists want to promote gender corruption openly in public schools and claim it is not going on. Yet here is another example of corrupt Drama teacher proudly abusing his position to promote his sexuality to children and resigned after being caught," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Fox News reports:

A Missouri teacher has resigned from his position after being told to remove an LGBT pride flag from his classroom and refrain from discussing sexuality with students.

John M. Wallis, a 22-year-old theatre teacher at Neosho Junior High School in southwest Missouri, announced on Twitter that he was resigning after parents complained about the pride flag in his classroom.

"At the beginning of the school year, I had two signs above my whiteboards that read 'In this classroom everyone is welcome' and an LGBTQ+ pride flag on my bookshelf," Wallis, an openly gay man, tweeted. "This was an attempt to make my classroom more open and welcoming for all of my students and nothing was ever taught about the flag because it stood there as a reflection of my classroom as a safe space for my LGBTQIA+ students."(snip)

"I was then asked to sign a letter that stated I would not discuss human sexuality or my own personal sexuality in the classroom and could have no displays or coursework on those subjects," Wallis tweeted. "This action was the reason for my resignation.".......

Wallis said he was sent a letter by the school following the parents' complaints that if he is "unable to present the curriculum in a manner that keeps your personal agenda on sexuality out of your narrative and the classroom discussions, we will ultimately terminate your employment."

Photo credit: John Wallis Twitter