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Fake White House "Studio" Defrauds US and World

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate says: "We have of course known this joke of a president hides in his basement, goes on vacation during disasters, avoids the border, orders the whole abuse of citizens demanding religious liberty. Now we just learned he stages major phoney news events as if he is at the White House but in reality he is in a virtual studio to look like the White House and is often not in the White House at all while he lies about being "here at the White House."


Pro-Trump presentation by Public Advocate featuring Eugene Delgado and LMNOP Team #Trump #TrumpAcceptanceSpeech #RNC #TrumpBalloon

Pro-Trump presentation by Public Advocate featuring Eugene Delgado and LMNOP Team #Trump #TrumpAcceptanceSpeech #RNC #TrumpBalloon


The White House has developed a special video set for President Joe Biden events that are broadcast online or include video conferencing.

As Biden sat down in a chair and rolled up his sleeve to get his vaccine booster shot on Monday, the window behind him showed a beautiful view of the Rose Garden.

But the president was not even in the White House at all. It was all a carefully crafted illusion.

Instead he was on a new set in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the actual White House.

The window view of the Rose Garden appears to be a digital screen - depicting what the view could theoretically be if you looked out of the White House.

Biden's staff now holds more White House events in the artificial set depicting the White House, especially if they include live video conferencing calls.

Behind the scenes photos of the set show that it includes a wide array of lighting, digital equipment and optics to make the president look as good as possible on video - and to make it look like he is speaking to the world from the White House.

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