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Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate made this statement welcoming Texas passing legislation and Gov. Abbott signing into law protecting female atheletes.

Delgaudio said:

Texas has joined the growing list of states taking decisive action to defend young female athletes from the "transgender" agenda.

For several years, "woke" school districts across the country have allowed male athletes to compete against the girls -- as long as they claim to be "transgender."

These male athletes tend to place poorly against other male athletes, but when competing against females, they consistently dominate. In fact, they tend to shatter female records.

Biology does not lie. Even a low performing trained male athlete is superior to the best female athletes.

From the very beginning, Public Advocate has called for schools, the Department of Education and local authorities to ban "transgender" athletes from competing in the wrong category.

Young girls are being displaced from their own athletic leagues. In full contact sports, females are in actual danger of real physical harm.

And of course, any gender corruption policies in schools harms the mental health of all students.

Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Idaho, Florida, West Virginia, Alabama, and Montana have all passed bills in the last year or two to protect female athletics.

South Dakota's legislature also passed a strong bill to protect the integrity of women's athletics and the female athletes, but the bill was vetoed by Governor Kristi Noem.

While Governor Noem spun an elaborate tale that attempted to justify her actions, the experts and the facts on the ground proved her to be both deceitful and incompetent.

Governor Noem claimed the bill was inherently flawed, yet the same law is holding up around the country. The real story is that powerful corporate interests threatened her state and she caved.

Now Texas' Governor Greg Abbott is stepping up where Noem crumpled.

Texas has passed the strongest version of the bill to protect female athletics. The new Texas law requires that athletes compete according to the gender first placed on their birth certificate.

Even changing their birth certificate later will not allow these male students to compete against girls.

Governor Abbott made national headlines earlier this year when he spearheaded the push in his state to outlaw "transgender" surgeries and medical procedures upon children on the grounds that it constitutes criminal Child Abuse.

The new Texas guidelines drew heavily on material published by Public Advocate over the last ten years.

We were the very first national voice to call out the "transgender" agenda for children as criminal child abuse.

Momentum is building on the state and local level to put a stop to the "transgender" agenda in schools. With Biden and Pelosi's control over federal action, any effort to protect children must come from outside D.C.

Concerned parents have packed school board meetings over the last six months to protest the inclusion of Gender Corruption Theory in classrooms and on athletic teams.

The National School Boards Association responded to these criticisms by calling the parents "domestic terrorists" and asking the Department of Justice to officially take action.

Attorney General Merrick Garland quickly agreed to these demands -- calling on the FBI to investigate these concerned parents as if they were domestic terrorists.

It quickly came to light that AG Garland's actions are motivated by a personal desire to defend his son-in-law's corporate concerns.

His SIL's company is responsible for the same objectionable materials being placed in schools -- to the tune of millions of dollars. Despite this clear conflict of interest, no one in the White House or the DOJ have addressed this matter.

PHOTO OF Gov. Abbott from Youtube.

Photo of Kristi Noem from wikepedia


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