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Swedish Hospital Bans All Transgender Transition Treatments due to injuries

Breitbart News Reports:

Children being treated for transgender issues at Sweden's Karolinska University Hospital have allegedly suffered severe injuries as a result of hormone puberty blockers.

Doctors at Karolinska University Hospital have reportedly long been aware of the injuries suffered by children as a result of hormone treatments, however, the injuries were not been made public until this week.

Of the 440 children who have been treated at the hospital for gender dysphoria issues and were given hormone blockers, 13 have suffered serious injuries as a result.

In one case, a girl who wished to become a boy at the age of 10 was put on a regimen of puberty-blocking drugs at the age of 11 by the hospital. Five years after the treatment, the effects of the hormone therapy are said to have resulted in osteoporosis and damaged the vertebrae in teen's back, Swedish broadcaster SVT reported.

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