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Eugene Delgaudio To Cross Frozen River In Dark In New 2022 Strategic Plan



Eugene Delgaudiom, president of Public Advocate, sent an urgent message today
to supporters on his plans to cross a frozen river in the dark when the political establishment is sleeping.

Delgaudio said: (QUOTE)

"Happy New Year, my Fellow Americans.

While Joe Biden's White House was busy telling everyone that they will die if they don't obey every medical order he issues, Public Advocate chose to mark this season with joy.

Public Advocate took a small band of intrepid volunteers to the very doorstep of the White House to serenade "Sleepy Joe" with traditional Christmas Carols.

Trump's White House marked a four-year return to celebrating the Christmas season in style. But with Biden "in charge," it's back to the Obama-era hostility towards anything traditional or Christian.

I know this has been a hard year for many folks -- including for Public Advocate.

Our enemies have pushed back so many of the gains we made under Trump. But Public Advocate has never been more hopeful for the pro-Family Movement than here at the dawn of 2022.

Parents are waking up to the threat to their young students in a way that hasn't happened in 40 years. Allies of the Homosexual Lobby in the establishment are getting desperate and taking radical, extreme measures to hold on to power.

And these efforts are exposing their true intentions.

At the start of 2021, I knew we'd have to revise our national strategy in the short term.

Biden and Pelosi secured a radical grip on the federal government, ensuring that nothing pro-Family would be able to pass through Congress into law.

That's why I launched our state-level campaign to nullify Biden's many abuses of executive power.

Public Advocate called upon state legislators to take action to exempt their states -- including their school systems -- from new, unconstitutional executive orders and federal bureaucratic mandates.

Our focus at the start of the year was to save female school athletics from the "transgender" attack on womanhood.

As you well know, male athletes are increasingly invoking the "transgender loophole" to allow them to compete against female athletes -- giving these males an undeniable biological advantage.

Everywhere young girls are getting squeezed out of their own athletic leagues.

And that's nothing compared to the personal violations they are suffering by being forced to share locker rooms and showers with male athletes.

Dozens of states rallied to our call to action -- nine have passed legislation to keep males out of female athletics.

But South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem chose to stab the pro-Family Movement in the back.

She vetoed her state's bill, while spinning a tangled web of lies to cover up her betrayal. Public Advocate called her out nationally and exposed her as the RINO she is.
We have to accept that she will never be the pro-Family champion we need.

But as Gov. Noem's reputation burned up, another star was born.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) made a bold statement by declaring at her Congressional door there are only two genders.

The "transgender" fight shifted from just athletics to entire school curricula by the summer of 2021.

Teachers like Tanner Cross (Leesburg, VA) put their jobs on the line to declare they would not teach Gender Corruption Theory to their students.

Parents rallied to hundreds of school board meetings to voice their righteous anger.

In Loudoun County, VA the parents were attacked by the school board's jackboots. Our own Jon Tigges was arrested simply for organizing a lawful and peaceful free speech event.

At the same time, the brave father of a young girl who was raped at school was himself attacked and arrested.

His daughter was raped by a boy using the "transgender loophole" to gain access to his victim.Because of the rapist's "special nature," the school board chose to cover it up -- and arrested the father for the first time. When he tried to speak up at the fateful meeting, he was again arrested.

Public Advocate and State Sen. Dick Black (ret.) broke this poor family's story nationally in August of last year.

But the mainstream media and the school board ignored it until this violent predator raped a second young girl. Again, he used the "transgender loophole" to facilitate access.

Which is exactly what Public Advocate has warned since the very beginning would happen!

As more parents realized that their own local school boards were pushing the radical Homosexual Agenda at the expense of young students, they started to look at school curricula closely. And what they found has horrified the nation.

Pornographic textbooks, story books and novels -- all targeted to children under 18 years of age.

One mother bravely stood up at a school board meeting in Fairfax, VA and read aloud one of these books.

It was so graphic, the school board members themselves objected to hearing it...

And completely overlooked the hypocrisy of recommending these books to underage ears.

This has launched a nationwide hunt by parents and Public Advocate supporters to identify and remove these books from school libraries.

The mayor of one small Ohio town threatened to bring his local school board up on criminal charges.

They responded by charging the mayor and the parents at that meeting with conspiracy.

My fellow Americans, this fight is for keeps.

The National School Boards Association struck back at parents by calling on the FBI to treat us like domestic terrorists.
And Attorney General Merrick Garland greedily agreed. Of course, his own son-in-law is making a fortune selling these pornographic and gender-bending materials to schools.

Through the thick of all this, Public Advocate has been right there -- thanks solely to the dedicated support of thousands of patriotic pro-family conservatives.
We have assembled and disseminated a list of the worst pornographic books for parents to be on the lookout for.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to our call to action by demanding that his own education officials conduct an audit of school materials to look for these books.

His own Child Protective Services also formally updated their child abuse guidelines to include Public Advocate's language regarding "transgender" surgeries and treatments for minors.

We were the very first national voice to call out the mutilation of genitals and/or the chemical alteration of a child to simulate a gender transition as abusive and criminal.

This new legal guideline is now being considered in dozens of states.

The Homosexual Lobby chose to close out this year of disasters and missteps by going after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

You see, after her brave stand for scientific biology-based gender, Public Advocate light-heartedly saluted her as our Wonder Woman.

We even put together a fun video showing our Wonder Woman Greene defeating the Homosexual Agenda. And the Radical Left are losing their minds over it!

Apparently they view the Wonder Woman character as a radical, AntiFa-style nutjob.
But as always, Public Advocate is right there to defend our pro-Family heroes.

We delivered over 120,000 petitions to Rep. Greene's office -- beseeching her to be our voice in Congress.

Right now, morally bankrupt leaders in the Republican Party are trying to cozy up to the Homosexual Lobby.

Following a huge rejection of the Homosexual Agenda in schools by Virginia and New Jersey voters, the Republican National Committee announced a new "RNC Pride Coalition" with the "Log Cabin Republicans."

Apparently the RNC wants to take pride in sexually violating children via Drag Queen Story Hours, pornographic school libraries and forcing young female athletes to shower with boys.
Public Advocate worked very hard to get the Real Marriage and Family Plank added to the formal Republican Platform -- and we are not going to surrender it!

My fellow Americans, last year was one the busiest, most critical that Public Advocate has faced in decades.

We have laid mountains of groundwork that we will be building on in the new year.

Together in 2022 we will be like George Washington and his brave Continental soldiers as they crossed the Delaware River in the dark of night.

We can and will brave any obstacle to strike at our enemies where they least expect it.

Even if it means crossing a frozen river in the dark.