Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate told supporters today:

"We are in a fight for the pro-family platform due to the betrayal of the current RINO Chairman of the committee, Ronna Romney McDaniel. Devoted conservative members of the National Commitee are attempting to restrain the wrongful partnership with the homosexual lobby in complete contradiction to the pro-marriage and pro-Religious Liberty planks of the 2016 and 2020 Party Platform."

Delgaudio said "The RNC will be the scene of a hard pitched battle this weekend at their quarterly meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fight is led by conservative members of the RNC from Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia to name a few states. It is said most of the Southern region is in revolt on this betrayal of the GOP platform.

Chairman McDaniel did a full court media blitz responding to calls for her resignation by claiming she is not out to hijack the pro-marriage platform as conservatives claim. (The upcoming meeting is the hope to formally cancel her partnership with this homosexual group).

Our prayers go to the committee members leading this effort to preserve the platform planks defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman and the religious liberty of all Americans," said Delgaudio.

Delgaudio has lead the fight to preserve the platform on marriage since for years and attended the 2016 Platform fight in Cleveland and helped members defend it in 2020.