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Public Advocate Sends 120,000 Petitons To Congress Opposing Transgender Agenda

For Immediate Release April 2 2022 Permission granted in advance to quote or use. Our Phone is 703-845-1808.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio today sent another 120,000 signed petitions to the Congress and U.S. Senate to bolster opposition by members against the Biden Administrations daily assaults on Religious Liberty.

"Thank you to all supporters of Religious Liberty in Congress and among our supporters who continue to sign thousands of petitions. We know from negative reaction to our petitions to Congress from the homosexual lobby that these petitons do have a tremendous impact for the better since Congress is so evenly divided, " said Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.

Delgaudio wrote Congressmen and Senators and stated in a letter, in part:

We hope you will respond in a positive fashion with an acknowledgement letter confirming our petitions of support for your pro-family positions and letting Americans know that you will fight for these same values. Thank you for your leadership!

Biden, Pelosi and so many others are leading an unpre-cedented assault on Religious Liberty and morality. We are witnessing the eradication of gender and womanhood; the massive, coordinated effort to pervert the minds of young children; and the FBI's campaign to treat parents who do speak out as "domestic terrorists." These enclosed petitions are part of 120,000 signed petitions, and address the issue from many angles, but in the end, they are all saying the same thing: Restore Religious Liberty, Stop the abuse of children in the name of the Homosexual Agenda, and Respect the significance of the Family.

As the nation's premier non-profit, pro-family grass-roots organization, we are always on the front lines of the political battle against the left and their immoral policies. Our members are dedicated to the fight to preserve traditional family values and to keep the United States from the perversity of the radical Homosexual Lobby. We fight for America's historic, Bible-based morality and Christian family values, holding the First Amendment's right to religious freedom as a priority. We are putting our hope in your hands to take action.

Public Advocate posted a video of the presentation of the thousands of petitons to Congress on social media websites today.