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Vile Video Results with Pedo School Board President Resigning for Soliciting 11 Year Old Girl


The president of a local school board in Ohio resigned after he was caught attempting to meet with whom he thought was an 11-year-old girl after allegedly exchanging inappropriate messages with her.

John Gray, who was serving his fifth term as president of the Goshen Local School board in Goshen, Ohio, admitted to traveling about two hours from Cincinnati to Indiana to meet with the girl, according to the video uploaded to YouTube and Facebook on Saturday by the groups PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis and PCM: Predator Catchers Muncie.

The groups are comprised of volunteers who work to expose sexual predators, according to their websites.



The group says Gray also told the girl he would give her a bubble bath and full-body massage before performing sexual acts.

Gray had actually been talking with a PCM member who was posing as the child, reports the Star Press.

In the video, Gray is seen encountering a woman who identified herself as the child's mother.

"I'm not a police officer. I'm Taylor's mom, OK? And I want to have a conversation about what you've been talking with about my daughter," the woman says on video.

The rest of the nearly hour and a half video takes place outside of the business as the woman tells Gray she is recording the exchange for "everyone's protection."

In the video, Gray admitted to meeting the girl on the Kik messaging app and said he had been talking to her for a few weeks. He claimed he was trying to warn her to "stay off KIK", and he found a lot of kids on KIK just need "help" and "support."

The video ended after law enforcement, identified as the Farmland Police Department, placed Gray in handcuffs.